Leaves on a Stream
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Leaves on a Stream

Oct 29, 2021
Leaves on a Stream Meditation

Sitting with uncomfortable thoughts is HARD. Sometimes when we keep trying to push them away, they only come back louder. 

Leaves on a Stream is based around the idea of detaching from thoughts that are causing us to be “stuck” in unhelpful thinking patterns and to try to mindfully observe these thoughts rather than fight against them. This practice will allow you to try to let some of your thoughts float downstream, without judging them and without fighting them.

Here is a link we like to practice with this meditation through listening: http://ow.ly/JcJl30ryMOg

Work with your child by creating art around this theme. Try to depict thoughts passing by with drawing leaves on a stream, cars on a road, or clouds in the sky. The age of your child will depend on the depth of this activity, but keep it light and go with it! For example, when I ask my toddler about his thoughts he apparently is consumed by lawnmowers, our dogs, and Moana? :D

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