🆕 New Kits Launching to Help Kids Through Life's Challenges
L Lexi Breunig

🆕 New Kits Launching to Help Kids Through Life's Challenges

Jun 24, 2024 · sensory kit · sensory kits · sensory learning · sensory play

We're excited to announce that we will soon be launching a new line of sensory kits designed to support children through some of life's toughest transitions and experiences.
Introducing "The Prep Line" - A collection focused on equipping kids with critical coping tools and age-appropriate wisdom for navigating life's hard moments with resilience.
Here's a sneak peek at the first 3 kits releasing on July 15th:
  • The Grief Kit: A compassionate companion to guide kids through the complex emotions and life changes that come with loss.
  • The Moving Kit: An engaging tool for kids to process all the ups and downs of a big move, while envisioning an exciting fresh start.
  • The New Baby Kit: A helping hand for little ones adjusting to the arrival of a new sibling and evolving family dynamics.
Each of these expertly-crafted kits will combine our signature multi-sensory activities with evidence-based therapeutic techniques, creating safe spaces for kids to explore and express their feelings.
Whether your child is currently facing one of these specific transitions or you'd like to gift these vital resources to a friend, "The Prep Line" aims to empower families through every step of life's challenges.
We'll be sharing exclusive sneak peeks, pre-order opportunities, and updates leading up to the July 15th launch.
While we can't protect our kids from life's difficulties, we can prepare them with the skills, comfort, and resilience to move through hardships in a healthy way. Stay tuned for more on how "The Prep Line" will equip families to do just that.
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