Birthday Parties

All the info you need to know if you are looking for a unique birthday party experience in our space.


Come party with us! Choose between two different days for a 2 hour time slot:


Saturdays or Sundays 3-5pm.


Birthday Party Bookings FAQs

We are so thrilled you are choosing Present Not Perfect Play Co. to celebrate your event! Here’s what is included in a party package:

  • Complete exclusive access to our make-and-take rooms, retail spaces, and cafe areas
  • A 15 minute consultation prior to your event to nail down details and talk through any questions you may have
  • A 30 minute prep window prior to the start of your 2 hour party rental to set up
  • One of our staff on site to facilitate the interactive portion of your party and to help clean up
  • The interactive activity in your make-and-take sensory party doubles as your birthday party favors! Every kiddo in attendance gets to take home their custom creation!

Is there something else you were looking for? We are always happy to learn more and expand our offerings as we grow. Please send us any inquiries at

You are welcome to set up your party up to 30 minutes prior to your time slot.

You are responsible for cleaning up any personal items you brought such as gifts, food, and decorations, but our staff will take care of cleaning up the make-and-take activity and cleaning the space upon your departure.

Yes, absolutely! However, please note that we do NOT have an oven, fridge, or freezer available on site (just in case you are planning an ice cream cake, you’ll want to time that right!)

For sure! We just ask if you are hanging things on our walls or windows to please use painter’s tape for easy clean up.

Nope, you’ll have the whole place to yourself!

Since our sensory kits have small pieces for play, we recommend ages 3+ for birthday parties. We find our kits are most popular with kiddos ages 3-12!

Great question! We pride ourselves in creating something so unique and exclusive that we want to be sure to explain how it works.

  • First, each child will get to choose a jar that contains a ball of white play dough (or hypoallergenic sensory sand if you choose).
  • Next, kids will choose 2-3 “add-ins” for their dough in order for them to customize their kit with different dough colors, scents, and glitters.
  • Once their sensory base is created, it’s time to choose their pieces! We have hundreds of small objects to choose from such as mermaids, dinosaurs, trucks, unicorns, bugs, and animals galore.

Children get to fill their jar with any and all pieces they choose, our only rule being that the jar must be able to be closed with a lid!

Once their kits have been created, we recommend putting them to the side as you move on to the second portion of your party such as food, gifts, or cake. Kids get to take their kits home with them at the end of the party!

We require all private event rentals to be made at least 14 days in advance to make sure we help plan and make your party the best it can be! If you are trying to book a last minute party, we may be able to accommodate your request depending on other bookings. Just send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do!

Designed with kids in mind.

Our kid-friendly space was created with children at the forefront of our minds.

Our Make & Take Experience!

This experience is a HIT for children. Add it onto your party package!