What makes your sensory kits different?

We are not just your average sensory kit.  We strongly believe in what sets us apart and makes our kits d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ better.  Created by professionals in the fields of Art Therapy/ Counseling & Elementary Special Education, our kits include age appropriate therapeutic play and psychoeducation to support wellness.

We try to always emphasize self-compassion for families navigating challenging seasons, and include emotional Literacy skills tied to each theme for parents to introduce topics in ways that make sense. The play and extensions focus on mindfulness and the importance of sensory input as preventative tools for family wellness.

With our brand and products we strive to support the emotional wellness of families and empower the next generation of mindful, creative, and resilient kids with our kits.

What ages do you recommend your products for?

We say ages 3-14... and up!  Even adults report they love to play with the dough and sand so we don't necessarily have a cap for the max age. Due to small parts in our sensory kits we do recommend ages 3 & up.  You know your child best, adult supervision is always recommended.  

What are some benefits of Sensory Play?

Sensory play is one of the most effective ways to help re-center a child who may be feeling worried or anxious because it is mindful, interactive, and immersive.

It’s also just really fun.

When us adults engage in the activities with our kids, we find ourselves unexpectedly enjoying the benefits too--feeling not only the mental shift to a calmer mindset, but a physical shift as our bodies and muscles become less tense, our heart rates slow, and our minds race a little less rapidly  as we enjoy present purposeful play with our kids. 

How long will your play dough last?

When sealed and stored properly, our dough stays fresh for 3-6 months.  Salt crystals are normal and expected with our all natural play dough.  If they appear simply work them back into the dough.  If your dough becomes hard or accidentally gets left out overnight, simply add a few drops of warm water and knead (or try wrapping it in a damp paper towel).

What are the Ingredients in your dough?

Our dough ingredients include: flour, salt, cream of tartar, organic coconut oil, food grade coloring.  Some variations may also include all spice, ground coffee, or non-toxic glitter.

At Present Not Perfect, we want our products to be accessible to all kids and families, so if there is an ingredient your child is allergic to but they would love to have a kit, please see our sensory sand options that are hypoallergenic.  If there is a theme you want in a sand version but not listed on the site, please send us an email. 

When will I get my order?

Standard processing time is 7-10 days from the day you place your order until the time it arrives to you in the mail.  We do our best being prompt and efficient with all orders as a mostly 2-woman show! 

My child would make too much of a mess, they couldn't use this, right?

Prep/explanations, expectations, and follow through go a long way with sensory play!  With our kids, we have had to stop and "try tomorrow" many times when boundaries were crossed.  Over time with this consistency and containment, we have been able to have the most fun with sensory play.  We truly believe it is doable even with the "messiest" of kids, it just might take time.  For more on this check out our Instagram or blog!


Subscription FAQs 

Q: Can I choose sand or dough? 

A: Yes definitely! You can choose either sensory sand or our handmade play dough for your subscription kits.  You will be able to select this at checkout and in your account portal.

Q: How much are the subscriptions?

A: You can choose to be billed quarterly for $49 a box (for a 35% savings) or annually, one time purchase of $180 (comes out to $45 a box for a 40% savings). *plus shipping 


Q: What is in a subscription box?

A: 2 new kits! (with 12 oz of our softest handmade play dough), 2 double-sided themed play dough mats, 2 themed affirmations for the grown-up, and 2 curated picture book recommendation lists to extend the learning on the emotional skill topic of each kit! All boxes will include fun bonus surprises, too, such as our bestselling mini build-a-character kits. 


Q: How often will I be charged?

A: ​​You can choose to be billed quarterly (for a 35% savings) or annually (for a 40% savings). If you choose to pay quarterly, you will be charged for your first box on the date you purchase.  Each quarter going forward you will be charged right before you box ships on the 1st of the month (March, June, September, November).


Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping rates vary and are calculated with current USPS pricing based on how far away you live from where we ship (WI) +  package weight and size.


Q: Can I add items to my subscription box?

A: At this time, any additional products purchased will be shipped to you separately at the time of purchase!


Q: When will I receive my shipment?

A: ​​Subscriber boxes will ship roughly on the first week of each quarter (2024 dates: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, November 1st) 


Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: By signing up, you agree to receive 4 boxes before opting out or pausing your subscription.  If for some reason you need to cancel before that, you will be subject to a cancellation fee.  Please email us at hello@presentnotperfectllc.com with questions.


Q: Where do I manage my subscription? 

A: Subscribers will be asked to create an account where they will be given access to a portal.  Login to the portal directly from out website, in the upper left hand corner.


Q: Are we able to purchase seasonal kits without a subscription?

A: Yes, you may do this; however, our seasonal kits often sell out very quickly.  Remember that the best savings we offer is through the sub box club, too! 

Q: When can you sign up for the subscription box?

A: Boxes ship out the first week of each month (4x a year). Cut-off date to sign up for each quarter will be on the 25th. (2024 dates: Feb 25th, May 25th, August 25th, October 25th. If you subscribe after the cut-off date, you will receive your first box the following quarter.  

Where we're located

Can't find our store? Check out this map for directions, we hope you stop in and visit us soon!

123 N Main St. Lake Mills, WI