🎨 Our Favorite Ways to Co-Regulate With Our Kids 🫁
L Lexi Breunig

🎨 Our Favorite Ways to Co-Regulate With Our Kids 🫁

Feb 8, 2024 · co-regulation · sensory learning · sensory overload · sensory regulation


Happy Thursday, Friends! 👋

In this beautiful (and oftentimes chaotic) journey of parenting, fostering emotional connection and support with our kids is some of the most important work we can do.

Today, we're excited to share some of our absolute favorite ways to co-regulate with your kids—simple, fun activities that strengthen the bond between you and your littles.

But first, what is co-regulation? 🤔

Think of it as a dance—a beautiful, synchronized dance where you and your child move together to navigate emotions. Co-regulation is the art of supporting your child's emotional well-being by being a steady presence, guiding them through their feelings, and helping them learn to regulate themselves.  And here’s the tricky part: it can look different for every kid, and every family.  What’s regulating for one fam could be the total opposite for another.

Here are some of our fave co-regulation strategies that can turn basic moments into strengthened connections:

  1. Glow Stick Bath Time 🛁🌟 Transform bath time into a sensory wonderland with glow sticks. The calming glow and splashes of color create a serene atmosphere perfect for winding down.
  1. Get Outside ☀️🌲For us, nature is a magical co-regulator. For those of us who can access safe outdoor spaces, when we step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and explore together…nature has a unique way of soothing and resetting all of our emotions.
  1. Play with Play Dough 👏🌈 We miiiiight be biased here, but the world of play dough is an awesome place! It's not just about creativity; the tactile input & squish sensations can be incredibly calming for both you and your child. 
  1. Swinging on Swings 🛝😀 The rhythmic motion of swinging can be incredibly regulating. Whether at the park or in your backyard, swinging together can be a joyful experience and help give some vestibular input.
  1. Doing Art Together 🎨 Channeling creativity through art is therapeutic (spoken by an art therapist on our team lol, but it’s true!). Get messy, create, and connect.
  1. Dance Party 🪩 🎶 Turn up the tunes and have a dance party…movement and music can be powerful tools for co-regulation, one that speaks to my family very often!
  1. Play the Quiet Game 🤫 Need a minute to regroup or don’t have your noise-canceling headphones handy? Create moments of stillness by playing the quiet game.  Guaranteed giggles may result.
  1. Model Deep Breathing 🫁 While sometimes sounding cliche, we cannot ignore the research behind the power of deep breaths. Practice mindful breathing together to encourage a sense of calm.
  1. Crash Pad Heavy Work Play 🛋️💥 For a dose of proprioceptive input, consider incorporating heavy work activities like crashing into a crash pad (a pile of pillows & blankets)! It can be a fun, regulating experience for all ages.

Remember, we're here to support you on your family’s emotional learning journey. Our products are crafted with love and intention to enhance these special moments of connection. With our intentional play dough and sand kits as sensory tools, each item we create is designed to bring joy and foster growth.

Here's to creating magical moments of co-regulation with your little ones…thanks for being here. 💗


Abbie & Emily🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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