👀A Closer Look at our Grocery Store Kit!🛒
L Lexi Breunig

👀A Closer Look at our Grocery Store Kit!🛒

Mar 4, 2024 · emotional wellness · sensory kits · sensory learning

Happy Monday!

A closer look at our 🛒 Grocery Store Sensory Kit 🍌…all about the topic of Authenticity and being true to yourself!

Let me know if this situation ever sounds familiar in your life…

*at an ice cream shop*

Mom: “Okay, what flavor do we want to order?”

Lil Sis: “I want chocolate, I love chocolate!” 

Big Sis: “Ooooh they have Superman, I’m getting Superman!” 

Lil Sis: “Oh yeah actually I want Superman! I don’t like chocolate…” 

Teaching our kids to be authentically themselves can be no easy task, especially when it extends beyond just your favorite ice cream flavors. 🍦

Learning about who we are at our core, and accepting and loving all parts of ourselves is the inspiration behind this Kit’s SEL theme.  

Let’s explore Authenticity in the aisles of a grocery store through hands-on sensory play!  Have you grabbed one for yourself yet?  It’s so much fun & we think it's such an important lesson.

🍎 Grocery Store Authenticity Kit 🛒

This kit encourages creativity and curiosity…it allows kiddos to tune in to what makes them feel like themselves, what their unique interests are, and how to respect and hold space for others’ interests as well! 

We cannot wait for you to check this kit out and let us know what your mini sensory explorers think!

Thanks for always supporting our small business, 

Abbie & Emily 💗

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