👋🏼Why Sensory Play is So Important ⭐
L Lexi Breunig

👋🏼Why Sensory Play is So Important ⭐

Apr 15, 2024 · sensory learning · sensory play

Happy Monday, everyone!
At Present Not Perfect Play Co., we believe that childhood is a journey best experienced through exploration, imagination, and play. Sensory Play has become a buzz word over the past few years, especially on social media, and we want you to know a little more about the deeper benefits sensory exploration holds. 
Sensory play isn't just about getting messy and having fun (although those are some fun perks! 🤩)—it's about nurturing crucial skills that lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. Here's why it's so beneficial:
  1. Communication Skills: Through sensory play, children learn to express themselves verbally and non-verbally, enhancing their ability to communicate with others effectively. 🙋
  1. Fine Motor Skills: From scooping and pouring to squishing and squeezing, sensory play activities help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Plus, we have tweaked our play dough recipe over the years to make THE softest and smoothest dough for little hands. 👏
  1. Creative Thinking: Our Kits full of themed small pieces for open-ended play ignite the spark of creativity, encouraging children to explore, experiment, and think outside the box. Plus, they really help kids tell stories with the pieces and process big feelings or events, too. 🌈 💥
  1. Problem Solving: As they manipulate various textures and materials, kids encounter challenges that prompt them to think critically and solve problems independently.  🙂
  1. Imagination: With our Sensory Play Kits, the possibilities are endless! Children are encouraged to unleash their imaginations, transforming ordinary objects into fantastical creations.  
  1. Regulation and Refocusing: Sensory play provides a safe outlet for children to release pent-up energy and emotions, helping them regulate their emotions and refocus their attention in a positive (and fun!) way. 🥰
Visit our shop today to explore all of the Sensory Kits and various themes we offer for every kiddo! 
Thanks for reading, 
Abbie & Emily 🙂

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