👻Something Spooky Coming Soon…What Does it Mean to Be Brave?🎃
L Lexi Breunig

👻Something Spooky Coming Soon…What Does it Mean to Be Brave?🎃

Sep 18, 2023

When I asked my kids, “what does it mean to be brave?”, my 5-year-old responded, “To not be scared” and my 3-year-old flexed her muscles and said, “Superheroes are brave!”  But what if being brave isn’t about avoiding fear…but rather embracing it?  

Here’s what we here at Present Not Perfect think it means to be brave…

  1. Noticing what spooks or creeps you out 
  2. Learning about where you feel fear start to rise in your body.  Does your heart start to beat faster, your palms start to sweat, or you feel tickly sensations in your spine?
  3. Embracing your authentic self.  There’s something really empowering about knowing that you don’t have to go into the haunted house or watch the scary movie if you know that won’t bring you joy.  
  4. Standing up for yourself or others, even if it feels hard.

If you are looking to explore the topic of Fear more, you’ll want to check out our brand new exclusive Spooky Sensory Kit launching in just a couple of weeks.  This kit is all about the topic of Fear and how we can navigate that with our little ones this time of year.  

If you’re hoping to grab one of these for you and your kiddos, here are all the details:  

Calm Kit Club subscribers will get early access to the Spooky/Fear Kit on 10/1 at 10am CT at an exclusive discount of 20% off.  

Then, the Spooky Kit will launch to everyone on 10/5 at 10am CT. 

Fun bonus: the Spooky Kits will come with a freebie book list of our favorite Spooky picture books that help extend the learning about the topic of Fear & Bravery this time of year and make great read-alouds for kids! 


Emily & Abbie

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