3️⃣ Ways to Grab an Ounce of Self-Care Right Now 💗
L Lexi Breunig

3️⃣ Ways to Grab an Ounce of Self-Care Right Now 💗

Feb 22, 2024 · self care · self compassion

Hello friends!

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the debate we often see on social media and between friends on what “counts” as self-care? 🤔

 Is it considered self-care if you go to the grocery store alone or get to take a shower without your kid in the bathroom with you?  🚿

Or should self-care be more of a luxurious experience like trips to a spa, a day of reading at a coffee shop, dinner out with a friend? 🍽️ 💅

In our opinion, if it’s intentional…it’s self-care.

If it’s something that is feeding uniquely YOU and your well-being, it’s self-care.

Bottom line is it looks different for everyone and everyone’s life, support system, financial situation, schedules, etc, is different.  Their definition of self-care will therefore look different, too. 

In case you have been needing a small dose of prioritizing you lately…here are some quick ideas that you can take action on right now. 👏

  1. Give yourself a mini neck and shoulder massage while you close your eyes and visualize your happy place 💆🏽‍♀️
  1. Try the double breath in, long breath out breathing strategy called the “physiological sigh” (the first inhale long, the second immediately after very short) 🫁
  1. Use a Sensory Kit to enjoy your warm drink while it’s hot, or prepare a meal, or sit in silence, or complete any task you want to complete.  Customers report on average their kiddos playing with their kits for 30-45 minutes in one sitting.  What could you use that time for? ⏳

Have you explored our new themes?  We’ve got something for everyone, including a kit all about the topic of Self-Care, too!

Thanks for being here, and we hope you feel supported this week. 💖


Abbie & Emily 😍

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