3 Reasons We Love Mini Kits
L Lexi Breunig

3 Reasons We Love Mini Kits

Jan 21, 2023 · art therapy · calm kit · sensory kit · sensory kits · sensory play

1️⃣ They're mini! Sensory tables and large kits are great, but the convenience of our mini kits is the best. Throw them in your purse, and you're set for the day!
2️⃣ There's a theme for everyone! Unicorns, construction, dinos, animals, and more. We're confident you'll find a kit that your kid adores :)
3️⃣ There's a learning extension: Grounded in metaphor, the accompanied tag includes a kid-friendly message and intentional learning extensions including, but not limited to: discussion topics, reflections, activities, art prompts and more.

Ready to grab your mini kit? Click here!

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