A Closer look at our Sloths Self Care Kit! 🦥🎨🕯️
L Lexi Breunig

A Closer look at our Sloths Self Care Kit! 🦥🎨🕯️

Feb 19, 2024 · sensory kit · sensory learning · sensory play

Happy Monday!

The idea for our Sloths kit came from a combination of my daughters (ages 3 and 6) being obsessed with all things 🕯️“spa” 🫧🌸🥒 lately and of course the Zootopia sloth character being charming as ever. 🙃 

Not to mention our own lessons in slowing down and prioritizing self-care and rest as busy moms and business owners. Yes, we are still working on this big time! 🫥

Let’s take a closer look at this fan favorite kit!  Have you grabbed one for yourself yet?  It’s so much fun & we think such an important lesson.

🌿 Sloth-themed Self-Care Kit 🦥

Let’s slow down and savor the moment with our adorable Sloth-themed play dough or hypoallergenic sand sensory kit. This spring, we're putting a spotlight on self-care, inspiring little ones (and their grown-ups) to embrace relaxation and mindfulness in the most delightful way.  

This kit encourages creativity and curiosity…it allows kiddos to tune in to what gives them comfort, what helps them feel safe, where their happy place is and what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, and more.  

We cannot wait for you to check this kit out and let us know what your mini sensory explorers think!

Thanks for always supporting our small business, 

Abbie & Emily 💗

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