A Gentle Monday Reminder 🙂
L Lexi Breunig

A Gentle Monday Reminder 🙂

Jan 22, 2024 · mental health · self care · self compassion

Another Monday greets us! 🙂

I think we wrote this reminder today mainly for ourselves to read, as we are in the midst of taking on our biggest project yet here at Present Not Perfect Play Co. and our new year has felt anything but slow or steady thus far. 🙃

January can often feel a mixture of exciting and overwhelming, full of new beginnings and often crushing with expectations that may feel unrealistic or out of reach. 

Here’s your reminder that two things can be true.💗

You can feel multiple emotions (sometimes conflicting emotions) about the same experience.  

For example, we are feeling equal parts pumped AND terrified about this huge leap we decided to take this year in our small business…and still, our passion and goals of supporting family mental and emotional wellness and building community around the ideas of powerful play continue to fuel us. 🔥

We want to share the affirmation that often grounds us when we feel uncertainty or anxiety bubbling up: you are enough, just the way you are.

We see you! And you’re doing a great job. 💫

So happy you are here and a part of our community.

Have a wonderful week,

 Abbie & Emily 😍

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