Art Activities to Help Kids Regulate
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Art Activities to Help Kids Regulate

Oct 29, 2021


Different art activities have different inherent benefits which is why it is helpful to choose ones that will enhance regulation if that is the goal. Here are 6 art activities that can be used to help calm and regulate a child or adult!

1. Create a Mandala- structure and repetition can help with focus. After you make one you can color it in too!

2. Make art from nature- getting outside and taking a walk and finding materials from nature can be calming and grounding.

3. Create a collage- the physical sensation of handling different materials and organizing images can provide structure and organization to calm the mind.

4. Color in a design- focusing on coloring within the constraints of a line can provide predictability and calm.

5. Paint to music- putting on relaxing music and synching your brush strokes to the music can help engage the whole body in feeling calm.

6. Make a bracelet- again any repetition can help with focus and attention- beading, knitting, or friendship bracelets can help with regulation.

These can be great activities to have on hand during transitions or after moments of heightened stress. What is your favorite calming art activity that helps your regulate?

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