🤩 Countdown to Something New! 👀
L Lexi Breunig

🤩 Countdown to Something New! 👀

Jul 8, 2024 · mental health · parenting resourcces · sensory kits · sensory play

Happy Monday, Present Not Perfect fam!

After years in the making, we're thrilled to finally begin the countdown to the launch of our brand new Prep Line of sensory kits! 🦋 🏘️ 🍼

This limited edition collection is designed to help families and children process and prepare for some of life's major transitions and sometimes tough moments.  These kits will be available beginning one week from today on Monday, 7/15 at 6am CT. 

The Prep Line consists of three innovative sensory kits, each thoughtfully curated around a specific theme:

  1. 🍼The New Baby Kit - Helping kids adjust to the arrival of a new sibling through playful processing.
  2. 🏡The Moving Kit - Providing comfort and resources as your child navigates the uncertainties of a move and adjusting to change.
  3. 🦋The Grief Kit - A companion for children working through the loss of a loved one.

Each Prep Line kit will contain:

  • Our signature handmade, soft, all-natural play dough
  • An assortment of small objects for tactile play as well as prompts to accompany some of the items that connect to an activity for kids to process big emotions around these major life transitions 
  • An accompanying digital resource guide written by a therapist and teacher, filled with activities and prompts best used with children aged 3-12 (but could be adjusted for all ages) 🧠 💗

We personally feel very passionate about this new line of products, as we’ve collectively experienced moving, welcoming new babies, and grief and loss with our own children over the past few years.  We created these kits and guides not only from our backgrounds in therapy and teaching, but also from our lived very real experiences. 

Thanks for being here and we can’t wait to put these out into the world next week!


Abbie & Emily 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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