Easy Rainbow Rice
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Easy Rainbow Rice

Nov 30, 2021
👋🏽👋🏿👋🏻Sensory play is one of the most effective ways to help re-center a child who may be feeling worried or anxious because it is mindful, interactive, and immersive.

It’s also just really fun. 😜

When us adults engage in the activities with our kids, we find ourselves unexpectedly enjoying the benefits too--feeling not only the mental shift to a calmer mindset, but a physical shift as our bodies and muscles become less tense 💪🏽, our heart rates slow 🫀, and our minds race a little less rapidly 🧠 as we enjoy present purposeful play with our kids. 💯😎

Using a few simple ingredients that you probably already have lying around the house, you can make 🌈Rainbow Rice🌈, a fan favorite sensory bin filler.

You’ll need:

✅1 cup white rice
✅1 tsp vinegar or lemon juice
✅A few drops food coloring
✅A few drops lavender essential oils for bonus calming effect (optional)
✅A large Ziploc baggie or bin to mix it up
✅ a paper towel or cookie sheet for drying

Lay flat to dry, and it should be ready in about 1 hour⏲. I sometimes like to leave mine to dry overnight if I make it in a large batch. In order to fill a bin, I often will use anywhere from 3-6 cups of rice total and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Just add a few scoops and bowls, and maybe your child’s favorite small animal or people figurines and enjoy!

🧹🧼🧽Clean up tips: I like to buy giant tablecloths from my local @dollartree to lay out on the floor underneath the sensory bin to help make clean-up more of a breeze. When play is done, I can just grab all the corners of the cloth and dump back into the rice bin for future play. The rice stores great in either a large Ziploc baggie or an air-tight tupperware container so you can use it again and again.

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