"How Are You?"
L Lexi Breunig

"How Are You?"

Dec 23, 2022 · emotional wellness · mom resources · parenting · parenting resourcces · self compassion

"Hi, how are you?" is probably the most common way that we greet each other. And while the most common response is "I'm great" or "I'm doing good," if we're being honest with ourselves, there are probably a hundred other responses besides these that would do a better job of accurately reflecting how we're doing.

So, why do we continue to respond this way even if it's not totally accurate? I think part of it is because we're scared of what comes with this honesty. We're scared that if we respond by saying "Actually, I'm really struggling right now," that it might make the other person uncomfortable. We're scared that if we're honest, that the other person might not know what to say.

Whatever it is, here's your reminder that we are not in charge of how people respond to our honesty🙌🏼. Challenge yourself to answer this "How are you doing?" question with how you're ACTUALLY doing. Will it feel uncomfortable or weird? Maybe. But the truth is, life is rarely ever just "fine" or "good" or "okay." And the more we can communicate that, the more we can feel free to feel alllll the feelings. 

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