It’s almost summer vacation time! 😎
L Lexi Breunig

It’s almost summer vacation time! 😎

Jun 3, 2024 · mom resources · parenting · parenting resourcces

It’s almost summer vacation time! 😎
Summer travels with kids can be exciting and fun, but also bring a lot of big feelings! 🛫✈️ Here are some tips for emotionally supporting little ones during vacations:
✈️ Add In Visuals: Use pics/vids to preview new places & manage expectations. Reduce surprises so everyone feels more prepared…knowledge is power. 
✈️ Pack Familiarity: Bring beloved stuffies, games & activities for comfort. A piece of home brings ease.  Don’t forget to pack some of your favorite Sensory Kits!
✈️ Build in Breaks: Schedule downtimes between busy activities to rest & reset. 😴 At least in our families, we find that overstimulation often leads to meltdowns and by front-loading as many supports and breaks as we can, we can provide our kids a bit more opportunity for regulation.
✈️ Validate Feelings: New experiences can feel overwhelming. Offer safe spaces to feel all the feels.  
With preparation and patience, you can help make summer travels smooth sailing full of happy memories! 
Happy Travels,
Emily & Abbie

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