It's Okay to Feel Proud
L Lexi Breunig

It's Okay to Feel Proud

Dec 23, 2022 · emotional wellness · mom resources · parenting · parenting resourcces
It can be easy to dismiss the seemingly small wins... but here's your reminder to celebrate them and to feel PROUD of them👏🏽 There are days that showering can feel SO hard. There are days where putting on real clothes just feels unfair. And on those days, I do a little extra happy dance because I know the strength that it took to do it🥳 Remember, it's okay to feel proud when you...
  • Got out of bed
  • Showered
  • Asked for help
  • Went outside
  • Took me-time
  • Got dressed
  • Tried your best
  • Ate 3 meals
  • Went to therapy

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