Ruby Finds a Worry
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Ruby Finds a Worry

Nov 30, 2021
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Do you ever feel like you are going about your day and out of nowhere, anxiety seemingly falls from the sky? Ruby is a happy and imaginative little girl who one day finds something unexpected...a worry! 🥺

She tries to ignore it since it is so small at first; yet every day it grows and grows and follows her around until she simply can’t think of anything else. 🧠

Just when she starts to think her worry will never go away, she meets a friend who also has a worry. Together, they begin to talk about their worries and something amazing happens...the worries begin to shrink. 🗣

Tom Pervical’s “Ruby Finds a Worry” is a beautifully written book that when read together can provide a perfect opportunity to talk to your child about worries, how everyone has them, and some strategies that help those worries shrink when they feel like too much. The personification of an abstract concept such as anxiety is especially helpful for young kids. This one’s an easy favorite in our household!

📚Title: Ruby Finds a Worry
✏️🎨Author & Illustrator: Tom Pervical #tompervical
💫Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing @bloomsburypublishing

🌟If you’re looking for more diverse, impactful, and anti-racist books (*cough* NOT Dr. Seuss *cough*) to read with your child during Read Across America week and EVERY week...head on over to @teachforthechange for a full book list and @theconsciouskid to learn more about this topic. What you might think is an innocent nostalgic “classic” you’re gifting at a baby shower, can actually be super harmful for BIPOC children and perpetuates racism.

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