Self Compassion
L Lexi Breunig

Self Compassion

Dec 23, 2022 · self care · self compassion

I think that too often, we associate self compassion and self care with alllll the external things: Taking a bath, getting exercise, writing in our journal, etc. Now don't get me wrong, those things are STILL great🙌🏻 But I'll let you in on a secret... taking baths and writing in your journal will not magically make your life better. What are some healthy/realistic ways to show self compassion?

  1. Extend forgiveness to yourslef
  2. Speak to yourself with kindness
  3. Allow yourself to say "No"
  4. Treat your body with kindness

But working on things like these👆🏼...this is a much more realistic and sustainable approach to growth and self compassion❤️ How do YOU show yourself self compassion? Leave a comment to let us know!

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