Sensory Play: Kid's Choice
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Sensory Play: Kid's Choice

Oct 29, 2021
One of our basic human psychological needs is control and independence.

I think it’s often overlooked that kids, depending on their age, have next to no choice or control in their daily lives.

Adults often dictate what their kids are going to wear, what foods they will be served, what screen time will be offered (if any), what activities are planned for the day, their overall schedules, including when they will sleep and even go to the bathroom (i.e. potty training or scheduled bathroom breaks at school).

Could you imagine having someone else make all of those decisions for you without having a say? 

As often as we can it is so important for us to involve our children in decision making. One of the greatest ways we can boost a child’s self-esteem and self-worth is by empowering them with CHOICES!

Remember that we are still the adults, in charge of maintaining health and safety, and allowing them to choose candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or run with scissors would NOT be the goal here.

Offering a set grouping of preferred choices ahead of time is key. Make sure you’ll be okay with whatever they choose from your options. And make sure you don’t try to influence or sway them in one direction or another.

Here’s one easy way to try it out when thinking about setting up your next sensory bin. Show them this menu, allow them to choose, involve your child in setting it up and watch how empowered or proud they might feel when given the freedom to choose for themselves. 

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