Stay Cool with Present Not Perfect Sensory Kits this Summer!
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Stay Cool with Present Not Perfect Sensory Kits this Summer!

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Hey there!

As moms who are passionate about sensory play, we wanted to share some super cool tips to help you beat the summer heat while engaging your little ones in sensory exploration. And guess what? Our Present Not Perfect sensory kits are here to save the day with their incredible versatility! Get ready for some splash-tastic water play ideas using our kits, that will keep your kiddos cool, entertained, and learning all summer long.

  1. Sensory Ice Excavation: Take the sensory adventure to a frosty level with our sensory ice excavation activity. Grab muffin tins or ice cube trays and fill them with water mixed with food coloring or liquid watercolors for added visual appeal. Drop in your small Calm Kit pieces, and freeze them overnight. The next day, provide your little ones with tools like spray bottles, droppers, or plastic hammers to melt the ice and uncover the hidden treasures within. It's an engaging and refreshing way to stimulate their senses and develop fine motor skills!
  2. Water Bin Sensory Play: Transform a simple water bin with your Calm Kit pieces! Fill a shallow container or kiddie pool with water and add in the elements from our sensory kits (saving the dough or sand for later, of course!)  Let your little ones scoop, pour, and splash their way to sensory bliss. You can even introduce additional elements like foam letters, floating toys, or water-safe objects from your home to enhance the experience. It's an excellent opportunity for imaginative play, language development, and sensory integration.
  3. DIY Sensory Bottles: Create mesmerizing sensory bottles using empty plastic bottles and a mix of water, food coloring, and our sensory kit pieces. (We love using Voss wate bottles!) Fill the bottles with water and add in different combinations of beads, sequins, or other textured items from our kits. Secure the lids tightly, and you've got captivating sensory bottles that provide visual stimulation and a soothing sensory experience. They're great for calming moments or as a quiet time activity. 

Our Present Not Perfect Calm Kits are designed to ignite imagination, engage the senses, and foster creativity. With their versatility, you can explore a whole new world of water play possibilities while keeping your little ones cool and entertained this summer. Remember, water play isn't just refreshing—it's also a fantastic way to promote sensory integration, language development,  fine motor skills and if you check out our exclusive tag, a way to talk about important Social Emotional Learning skills.

We'd love to see how you and your little ones are using our sensory kits for water play! Share your photos or stories with us on social media and tag us @Present_NotPerfect_. 

If you have any questions or need further ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you stay cool this summer. Wishing you a splashing good time!

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