Take a Break
L Lexi Breunig

Take a Break

Jan 21, 2023 · mom resources · parenting · parenting resourcces · self care · self compassion

We've seen this debate going on for a few years now and curious to hear input from our community.

What do you consider "a break" from wearing your mom hat? Do things like doing laundry, going grocery shopping, cleaning, taking a shower, or having time to yourself to get ready count as a break to you? Or do you think that chores and basic hygiene should not be considered "a break"?

We know there are so many factors and potential barriers in place that limit each mom's access to getting what she needs (i.e. access to reliable childcare, for one), and we want to hear your thoughts. How do you avoid burnout in motherhood and what would an ideal "break" look like for you?

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