The Intentional Gift Guide 💗
L Lexi Breunig

The Intentional Gift Guide 💗

Dec 1, 2023 · calm kit · sensory kit · sensory kits · sensory learning · sensory play

Let us help you find a unique and meaningful gift for every kid in your life.  Whatever their interests or whichever skill they are looking to build, we’ve got you covered. 🙂  

Gifts for every kiddo in your life:

The Creative Child: Holiday Sweater Kit

The Adventurer: Woodland Kit

The Anxious Child: Bugs Kit

The Child with Big Feelings: Dino Kit

The Sensitive Child: Unicorn Kit

The Determined Child: Construction Kit

Shop by Social Emotional Learning Skill: 

Understanding Resilience: Icy Fun Kit

Managing Anger: Dino Kit

Practicing Mindfulness: Safari Kit

Exploring Emotions: Ocean Kit

Having a Growth Mindset: Gardening Kit

Encouraging Routines: Farming Kit

Happy shopping, 

Abbie & Emily

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