The Whatifs
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The Whatifs

Nov 30, 2021
The Whatifs loved Cora. They liked to sneak up and whisper tiny little doubts and worries into her ear, big and small, silly or frightening, likely or impossible. What if my crayon breaks? What if my dog runs away? What if I make a mistake? With the help of her friend Stella, Cora learns about how to change her grim Whatifs into positive, hopeful Whatifs.

When I first read this book with my 3 year old daughter, I felt seen. 👀 As a parent, it’s hard not to have Whatifs about your kids; and while these thoughts can be positive, they are often negative. What if they fall and get hurt? What if they aren’t eating enough? What if they aren’t sleeping enough? What if I’m not doing enough?

The Whatifs are anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling. All feelings are okay. 💯👍🏽 As Cora learns in Emily Kilgore’s beautifully relatable book “The Whatifs,” it is what we DO with those feelings that matter.

🌟Parents, you are enough.🌟

➡️Read this together with your child this week and take turns sharing your own personal Whatifs and brainstorm a couple strategies that might help reframe them just like Cora did. 💕

📚 Title: The Whatifs
✏️ Author: Emily Kilgore @kilgem
🎨 Illustrator: Zoe Persico @zoepersicoart
💫 Publisher: little bee books: @littlebeebooks

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