“You Have So Many New Toys, So Why Aren’t You Playing With Them?!” 🤔
L Lexi Breunig

“You Have So Many New Toys, So Why Aren’t You Playing With Them?!” 🤔

Apr 1, 2024 · parenting · parenting resourcces

Happy Monday!  
Hoping you are all having a nice spring holiday season. 🌷
It always seems like we face a few challenges in the areas of independent play especially in the after effects of a holiday or birthday. 🙃 With an influx of toys, schedules being “off”, and quite a bit more overstimulation than a typical day, it makes sense why these times can sometimes feel hard for our kids. 
Here are some tips that I’ve found moderate success with over the years when it begins to feel that even though they have so many new things to play with, they keep saying, “I’m boooooored!” 😩
  1. Get them started. ✅ For example, I like to set up the edges of a puzzle for my girls and set it out on the table for them. Or set up a Sensory Kit for them on a tray at the dining room table with the characters doing something funny to greet them when they get home from school as an invitation to play. By removing the barrier of setting it up, we can allow our kids to better access play. 
  2. There’s too much. Hear us out: less is more. 🫠 Have you ever walked into an ice cream shop where there are like 45 different flavors and it takes you forever to decide what you want?  When there are too many options, our brains begin to feel overwhelmed and shut down.  This can especially be true after a holiday or birthday where your child may have received gifts or new-to-them toys or activities that they also don’t know how to set up or have practice using yet.  When I remove some of the overwhelm, and only set out one or two things at one time, play becomes more accessible.    
  3. They are seeking more connection. 🤗 I can usually tell when my girls are feeling like they aren’t getting enough one-on-one connection time with me whenever independent play feels nonexistent. If I start playing with them for the first 10-15 minutes and gradually transition away, I see my kids able to stay with the play for much longer than if we skipped the connection moment altogether. It can feel hard to pour into their cups after a birthday or holiday where we feel like we already poured so much out of our own tolerance cup…however, I encourage you to get curious about what makes your unique child feel the most connected to you? Is it reading a book together, taking a walk outside together, maybe cooking and sharing food? Try infusing in little bits of connection throughout the day and see what happens, remembering that we believe quality is more important than quantity.  
  4. Try a toy rotation ♻️ Removing some of the clutter and switching up the toys they have ready access to on a regular basis can really help something old feel new again! When I remember to do this…it’s so cool to see how it ignites play and creativity again for my girls and watch them get excited about an old but loved toy. 

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