Build-A-Reindeer Mini Sensory Kit
Build-A-Reindeer Mini Sensory Kit
Build-A-Reindeer Mini Sensory Kit
Build-A-Reindeer Mini Sensory Kit

Build-A-Reindeer Mini Sensory Kit

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Introducing the Build-Your-Own Reindeer Kit from the Winter 2023 Collection! Create magical winter memories with our Build-Your-Own Reindeer Kit! Embrace the holiday spirit by fostering your little one's creativity and self-expression through hands on sensory play. Get ready to build lasting memories and adorable Rudolph the red-nosed reindeers! 

What's Inside: Your kit includes 6 oz of specially crafted, handmade non-toxic play dough made with natural, safe ingredients and an array of small, engaging parts for reindeer design, as depicted in the photos.

Play Dough Care: Our premium dough stays fresh for 3-6 months after opening if stored in a cool, dark place within an airtight container. Some natural salt crystals might form, easily dissolved by kneading with a few drops of warm water.

⚠️ Safety First: Please note, our Kits are designed for children aged 3 and above. They contain small parts and choking hazards, hence adult supervision is advised.

Potential Allergens: Our dough comprises flour, salt, cream of tartar, organic coconut oil, and food-grade coloring. Some variations may include coffee, spices, essential oils, or cocoa powder. For a touch of sparkle, few variations may feature biodegradable eco glitter.

At Present Not Perfect, inclusivity matters. If your child has allergies but desires a themed kit, explore our hypoallergenic sensory sand offerings available in various themes.


Learn more about our kits:

Handmade All Natural Play Dough

Created by a Teacher & Therapist

Supports Family Mental Health

One-Of-A-Kind Container

Unlock Your Child's Creativity

Included SEL Resources in Every Kit

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Standard processing time is 7-10 days from the day you place your order until the time it arrives to you in the mail.  We do our best being prompt and efficient with all orders as a mostly 2-woman show! 

We say ages 3-14... and up!  Even adults report they love to play with the dough and sand so we don't necessarily have a cap for the max age. Due to small parts in our sensory kits we do recommend ages 3 & up.  You know your child best, adult supervision is always recommended.  

When sealed and stored properly, our dough stays fresh for 3-6 months.  Salt crystals are normal and expected with our all natural play dough.  If they appear simply work them back into the dough.  If your dough becomes hard, simply add a few drops of water and knead.

Dough ingredients include: flour, salt, cream of tartar, organic coconut oil, food grade coloring.  Some variations may also include cinnamon, nutmeg, spices, ground coffee, cocoa powder, food grade oils, and few include biodegradable eco glitter (which will be visible).

At Present Not Perfect Play Co., we want our products to be accessible to all kids and families, so if there is an ingredient in our handmade dough that your child is allergic to but they would love to have a kit, please see our hypoallergenic sensory sand themed offerings. 

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